๐ŸŽฎThe Sandbox experience

In 2023, Elrond City enters the metaverse! Release: Q3 2023

During Q4 2022, we've worked on a game design document to introduce an experience project to TheSandbox game, aiming to bring the city alive in their metaverse. The Game maker fund, a program allowing TheSandbox to incentive builders, decided to fund and help us to create our vision of Elrond City.

Thanks to their support, we are currently developing an experience based on 5 metaverse lands. 4 lands will be dedicated to a solo player experience, where you will be able to discover a city full of surprises, and challenge yourself throught different mini-games. 1 land will be dedicated to a multiplayer experience, a place to hang out with your community, play different cooperative or competition games, and discover an ecosystem full of opportunities.

We bought a 9 land parcel on the map, to be able to develop our vision if our community like the experience and their is a demand on growing our world together.

Our TheSandbox builder team is composed of :

  • BMSketch : Artistical Director, Voxel Artist

  • Punish : Game Designer, Level Designer, Narrative Designer

  • Alesoir : Game Producer, Level Artist, Voxel Artist, Narrative Designer

Aiming to deliver an experience up to our usual standards, as for design quality and gameplay, our team has been hard working, and aims to deliver a product at the very end of Q2 2023. The experience release date will then be decided with TheSandbox teams, probably Q3. We will keep you updated in due time and strongly encourage you to create yourself an account on TheSandbox, to start discovering their world and creations, and prepare yourself for the events coming to our city!

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